For vendorslandlords and letting agents, the Vampreworking process facilitates adding financial value to your home in addition to personal value. We can help you assess the competing rental properties in your neighbourhood and plan your upgrade accordingly, with the requisite attention to detail that will give your property a wider customer appeal.

Our home staging service for home vendors and landlords offers you the opportunity to enhance your home's saleability, by giving you the knowledge to implement style changes within your home. We provide a comprehensive appraisal from the view point of potential buyers, before suggesting changes - from simple decluttering and space reconfiguration, to updating your colour scheme and making remedial repairs.


We can also source furnishings and accessories, maximising on the presentation and marketing potential of your property, offering a more cost effective solution than reducing your market price.

Our tailor-made approach includes the icing on the cake - our furnish and dress service, where we do all the final hard work for you. We aim to ensure your property is ready to sell or let, grabbing the attention of property hunters within your area to ensure maximum returns on your investment.




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