3D visualisation

From £260


A virtual service, to help you visualise how your space might work differently! Ideal for clients who are wanting to optimise our spacial planning or interior design services, or for those considering architect or builder’s plans for a new home, extension or layout. An opportunity for you to try out your vision in 3D reality, make the most of your layout and potentially avoid costly mistakes! 


After an initial meeting your designer will create a 3D scaled video ‘walk-through’ of your space and digitally rendered elevations, depicting your intended design. All clients have differing requirements, therefore this package is priced individually for a bespoke client service. Pricing based on usual hourly rate of £65/hr at a minimum of 4hr.

Our virtual design clients are provided with the same exacting standards that we apply to all our clients… a truly individualised design with an attentive eye for detail, effective communication patterns, and a high quality and bespoke end result.


All of our communication is carried out via video/ audio calls, email, and via platforms such as WhatsApp and Pinterest - we aim to work around what’s best for you!

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