Vamp. in person design package


35hr package

Our comprehensive design package has 6 stages, as outlined below...


1. Find your inspiration!

Prior to our first meeting we ask that you prepare upwards of three images of ideas/ themes that appeal to you (the more, the better). I suggest using Pinterest or you may prefer physical images from magazines, etc. Please submit at least 24hr before scheduled meeting!


2. Connect and collaborate with your designer! 

In person and in the space you’d like designing! Designer will work with you to collate your brief. Designer takes photos of your room (includes door and window positions, radiator position, existing lighting and sockets - ask if willing to relocate/ will be employing services of decorator)



3. Measure up!

Following the meeting you’ll be asked to submit basic room measurements following our easy to use guide. Please submit within 48hr of our meeting!


4. Designer provides design concept! 

This demonstrates the suggested design direction and is delivered via first draught of your personal design sketchbook. This includes…

  • a summary of your project brief

  • x3 layouts

  • rough sketches of your focal point 

  • images illustrating differing design directions including colour schemes, themes and finishes

  • skeleton shopping list of key items (eg sofa, side tables, armchairs, rug, artwork, cushions for sitting room) (1. do I need to provide actual items here, or just list of items and ask if they have any requests around these?) (2. include an example of what bespoke joinery and/or electrical lighting plans and how this may serve them) 

Perhaps you’d like to further develop the design by adding on one of our additional services, including bespoke joinery and furniture design, full 3d visualisation with detailed elevations, lighting and electrical layout plans, personal shopping service for finishing touches? (includes access to trade discounts) 

3-4 days


5. Concept design debrief via video call! 

We reflect on the concept design, share ideas and agree the design direction

45 mins


6. Face to face presentation! 

Designer provides finished design via your personalised and finalised design Sketchbook. This includes…

  • moodboard

  • annotated floor plan

  • 3D sketches of focal wall plus one other elevation

  • finishes board

  • curated shopping list of suggested furniture, fixtures & accessories, with alternative suggested for key items to keep your budget on track and your design personalised, and design description

  • plus free to you our ‘top tips and and tricks of the trade’ and ‘creating the perfect focal point’ to help you maximise your finished space    



7. Project wrap! 

Communication with designer via email over the course of the project and for 48 hours following design delivery. Then its time for you to bring your design into reality! 


  • small print  Fee is based on an average sized room - larger rooms may incur additional costs. Worked out at discounted hourly rate, 35hr package. Usual rates £65/hr or £400 per day apply for extras such as bespoke joinery, lighting and electrical plans

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