Lighting and electrical planning



An in person service, to help you consider one of the least sexy yet crucial aspects of designing your interior! Particularly useful for clients planning an extension or new home, or reconfiguring an existing space. Often left until last, it can be most useful to start any interior project right here!

Your designer will help you consider, and advise you on…


  • Placement of existing lighting and electrical services

  • Orientation and strength of natural light sources

  • Usage of all zones within your space and by whom

  • Implications of the time of day you most use your space on your lighting requirements

  • Any existing features or restrictions

  • How lighting levels affect your mood, emotions and wellbeing

  • How to use lighting to enhance room focal points and disguise less favourable features  

  • Layering the different types of lighting to maximise functionality of your room: ambient, task and accent lighting

  • Placement of electrical wiring and devices to meet the demands of your life and increase the functionality of your space 


After the consultation you’ll be provided with a printed summary of the themes discussed, so that you can create a cohesive, functional and beautiful space. Scaled lighting and electrical plans can be obtained at additional cost

  • small print Yorkshire-based service only. Fee is based on travel times of 1.5 hour - locations further afield may incur additional costs. Additional hours charged at usual rate for £65/hr

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