Here at Vamp. interior design we are firm believers that how you feel about your physical surroundings affects your mental interior - and we want to help you improve that! 

It is recognised that how we perceive the aesthetic appeal of our environment can influence both our reactions and our behaviour within that environment. It is rumoured that Florence Nightingale noted the power of design in improving physical health, stating that a "variety of form and brilliancy of colour in objects presented to [people] are an actual means of recovery." Imagine what we could achieve with your next interior project!

At Vamp.we consider our clients' needs for privacy, intimacy, socialisation, productivity and creativity as the first stage in the interior design process. As a valued client, you may wish to increase your productively or communication, reduce stress, create a restful home, or stimulate creativity - to name a few! Working to your brief, our comprehensive design services may change more than just your home.

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Inspired to read more about this subject? May we suggest The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton (2006) or visit our blog