At Vamp. we are passionate about conservation and recycling in the creative field. Our services both embrace the less than perfect  - refurbishing existing or found objects to bring them back to useful life, and offering contemporary solutions to living with items that are etched with the endorsements of a previous existence. 

Our refurbishment projects promise to breathe new life into your project, however large or small, from creative reuse of a neglected piece of old furniture to refreshing your colour scheme to focus your room's identity. We embrace the less than perfect - working with what you already have, sourcing salvage and pre-loved items, handling minor repairs and reinvigorating - so that you can enjoy pieces with the etchings of a previous life. We work to offer both contemporary and traditional solutions to existing items, depending on your brief. 



Here at Vamp. interior design we are firm believers that how you feel about your physical surroundings affects your mental interior - and we want to help you improve that! 

It is recognised that how we perceive the aesthetic appeal of our environment can influence both our reactions and our behaviour within that environment. It is rumoured that Florence Nightingale noted the power of design in improving physical health, stating that a "variety of form and brilliancy of colour in objects presented to [people] are an actual means of recovery." Imagine what we could achieve with your next interior project!

At Vamp.we consider our clients' needs for privacy, intimacy, socialisation, productivity and creativity as the first stage in the interior design process. As a valued client, you may wish to increase your productively or communication, reduce stress, create a restful home, or stimulate creativity - to name a few! Working to your brief, our comprehensive design services may change more than just your home.


Vamp. interior design firmly believe that simply reworking a space can reap massive rewards, by making it aesthetically pleasing as well as being fantastically functional. Simple and sometimes small changes, from placement of existing furnishings and reworking original assets to creating a new colour scheme layering fabrics and lighting can help our clients value a previously stagnant space.


All of our projects, from small to large, see us achieve identity and atmosphere for our clients, promoting the emotional reaction and attachment that many of us seek from our surroundings. Our individually tailored reworking process takes all the stress away from you, saves your precious time, and eliminates the risk of expensive mistakes - leaving you with to fall in love with your space. 

For vendors, landlords and letting agents, the reworking process facilitates adding financial value to your home in addition to personal value. We can help you assess the competing rental properties in your neighbourhood and plan your upgrade accordingly, with the requisite attention to detail that will give your property a wider customer appeal.


Our tailor-made approach includes our furnish and dress service, to ensure your property is looking its best, grabbing the attention of all who visit your home.